If we had to choose our favorite material…

…It would be our 100% cotton denim. The Rouje Studio studied it from every angle to get them to retain their shape, just like vintage jeans. And obtain a shapewear-like fabric, that will look good on any body.

A unique patina

Raw or nicely washed-out: the colors are carefully chosen so that each of our jeans develop the most beautiful patina throughout the years. The new wash of the season? Our black vintage, a grey shade that goes with anything.

Our first steps with Eco-wash : The “Ecowash” process, more sustainable, is now used for our darker washes. For the other ones, our Studio explores several solutions in order to soon produce them similarly while guaranteeing the quality our jeans are known for.







Made in

The Rouje jeans are made in Tunisia, a country reputed for its denim savoir-faire. The factory is audited and certified in order to safeguard the quality of our pieces as well as they way they're produced. Every step of the way, strict social and environemental norms are observed.

In concrete terms? It means the SMETA 4 Pillar Audit (social and environemental norms), SA 800 certification (social accountability) and ISO 9001 certification (quality control).

Our care advice

Purists will tell you that you don't wash jeans: you just air them, potentially scrub a stain, nothing more.

In practice? We recommend washing them upside down at 30°C to protect the color, with a gentle detergent, without bleach or softener. And in any case, avoid tumble drying them so they retain their shape.


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